Ep 54. THE HITCH-HIKE: Villains

The better the villain, the better the picture. Alex and Jonathan put this phrase to the test as they look at the sinister side of Hitchcock's films and discuss the bad guys of Strangers on a Train (1951), Dial M for Murder (1954), and Psycho (1960). We talk about driving a film through its antagonist, keeping dialogue-heavy films… Continue reading Ep 54. THE HITCH-HIKE: Villains


Ep 53. THE HITCH-HIKE: Antiheroes

Not all protagonists are good role models. Today Alex and Jonathan look at characters that defy the typical ideas of heroism in Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief (1955), The Trouble with Harry (1955), and Vertigo (1958). We discuss what makes an antihero, the prevalence of antiheroes in comedy films, and how to keep an audience engaged with unlikeable characters. Also… Continue reading Ep 53. THE HITCH-HIKE: Antiheroes

Ep 52. THE HITCH-HIKE: The Women

Blondes, brunettes, and mothers are the focus today and Alex and Jonathan look at the various portrayals of women in the Alfred Hitchcock films Spellbound (1945), The Birds (1963), and Marnie (1964). We discuss the different roles that women fill in Hitchcock's films, retelling a similar story while reversing gender roles, and appropriate/effective treatment of actors on set.… Continue reading Ep 52. THE HITCH-HIKE: The Women

Ep 51. THE HITCH-HIKE: The Wrong Men

To kick off season two of the podcast, Alex and Jonathan are taking five episodes to examine the work and themes of the great Alfred Hitchcock. Today we look at Hitchcock's "wrong man" theme in The Lodger (1927), The 39 Steps (1935), and North by Northwest (1959). We discuss spy thrillers with comedic tone, when Hitchcock reveals and… Continue reading Ep 51. THE HITCH-HIKE: The Wrong Men

Episode 50. Concluding with Christmas

For the season one podcast finale, Alex and Jonathan take a look at five of the most classic and beloved Christmas films: It's a Wonderful Life (1946), A Christmas Story (1983), Die Hard (1944), The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992), and Elf (2003). We talk about what makes a Christmas movie, how Christmas movies portray and become traditions, and what makes… Continue reading Episode 50. Concluding with Christmas

Episode 49. Bibliographic Bogdanovich

Last week's Bringing Up Baby (1938) was a big influence on this week's director spotlight, Peter Bogdanovich. Alex and Jonathan take a look at his three major hits The Last Picture Show (1971), What's Up Doc? (1972), and Paper Moon (1973). We discuss Bogdanovich's early communication and friendship with the great directors of the Golden Age, creating a modern screwball… Continue reading Episode 49. Bibliographic Bogdanovich

Episode 48. Hepburn vs. Hepburn: Round 1 – Cat Fight

A friendly feud finally comes out in the open as Alex and Jonathan discuss the wonderful talents of the two most famous Hepburns: Katharine and Audrey. We watch Bringing Up Baby (1938) and Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) and discuss the jokes of screwball comedies, each actress' typical persona, and controversial aspects of old movies. Also on iTunes… Continue reading Episode 48. Hepburn vs. Hepburn: Round 1 – Cat Fight

Episode 47. Dauntless Documentaries [Video]

In a special video episode, Alex and Jonathan sit down to talk about three documentary films: Grey Gardens (1975), The Thin Blue Line (1988), Grizzly Man (2005). We talk about the ways documentaries speak to the audience, how to structure true events into a compelling narrative, and how documentary subjects are portrayed by the filmmakers. https://youtu.be/r0Gkra63j-A Also on… Continue reading Episode 47. Dauntless Documentaries [Video]

Episode 46. Amiable Aliens

It's not a new genre this week but a couple of new species that Alex and Jonathan take a look at with three alien films: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Arrival (2016). We talk about how good science fiction comments on humanity in every era, the difference between science fiction and science fantasy,… Continue reading Episode 46. Amiable Aliens

Episode 45. Happy Henson Feat. Hayden Chauffe

Friend of the podcast, Hayden Chauffe, returns to talk with Alex and Jonathan about the feature film works of one of his biggest influences, Jim Henson: The Great Muppet Caper (1981), The Dark Crystal (1982), Labyrinth (1986). We talk about the history of Henson's puppet work, building fantasy worlds in miniature, and the modern use of muppets and… Continue reading Episode 45. Happy Henson Feat. Hayden Chauffe