Episode 35. Meta Musicals

This week Alex and Jonathan dance into new territory as we discuss three landmark musicals in film history: 42nd Street (1933), Singin' in the Rain (1952), and La La Land (2016). We discuss technical innovations of early musicals, the lasting legacy of the musical's Golden Age, and the current and potential future state of the movie musical. Also… Continue reading Episode 35. Meta Musicals


Episode 22. Brilliant Biopics

Where is the line between story and history? That's the question as Alex and Jonathan take a look at three great films about three great historical figures: Amadeus (1984), The Last Emperor (1987), and The Aviator (2004). We talk about factual accuracy versus dramatic license, cinematic portrayal of flawed lives, and the uniqueness of film's distinct documentary and biopic genres. Also… Continue reading Episode 22. Brilliant Biopics

Episode 13. Cyberpunk Chaos Feat. Jason Harden

You're not dreaming, we have a new podcast! Plug us into your head and listen as Alex and Jonathan invite friend Jason Harden to the show to talk about three Japanese cyberpunk films: Akira (1988), Ghost in the Shell (1995), and Paprika (2006). We talk about the impact of hand-made animation, the influence of anime on western… Continue reading Episode 13. Cyberpunk Chaos Feat. Jason Harden

Episode 8. Oscar Bait or (The Unexpected Virtue of Tragedy)

In honor of the Oscars this past weekend Alex and Jonathan take a look back at the last three Best Picture winners at the Academy Awards: 12 Years a Slave (2013),  Birdman (2014), and Spotlight (2015). We discuss what kinds of films tend to seek out and win awards, the techniques these films employ, and… Continue reading Episode 8. Oscar Bait or (The Unexpected Virtue of Tragedy)

Episode 4. Lost at Sea

For our first week that focuses on a specific theme in films rather than a director, we dive right into three films which are structured around characters who are lost at sea: Lifeboat (1944), Life of Pi (2012), and All is Lost (2013). We talk about the ways film technology has made this type of film more accessible to both large… Continue reading Episode 4. Lost at Sea