The February Marquee: Jane Austen

To kick off our new podcast season we'll be exploring the works of Jane Austen through various film adaptations. The four adaptations we'll be looking at on the podcast are: (Click on a poster to watch a trailer) Sense and Sensibility (1995) Northanger Abbey (2007) Love & Friendship (2016) Emma. (2020) And although we won't… Continue reading The February Marquee: Jane Austen

Season 5 Updates

Hey fellow Filmlings, We've got lot's going on this year and a few changes to the structure of the podcast that we wanted to make everyone aware of. One of our goals with these changes is to give more time for the study and research that goes into each episode and to do that we'll… Continue reading Season 5 Updates

Support the Show!

Hello fellow filmlings! We hope you have been enjoying the podcast! If you do enjoy it, then we have a couple ways that you can drop a coin in our proverbial hats and help keep the show alive and growing! For those unfamiliar with these support platforms here's a quick run down: Ko-fi is the… Continue reading Support the Show!

A Christmas Gift from The Filmlings and Announcements

While the podcast is still on break we have been working on an audiobook of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol which we are now excited to give as a gift to our listeners! The book features Alex and Jonathan along with a selection of guests who have been featured on the podcast before. You can download… Continue reading A Christmas Gift from The Filmlings and Announcements

AJ’s TV Tidbits: Community

This a series where I, @aj_thetarsier (aka Andrea Millard), go on lengthy rants about TV. Enjoy (or don't enjoy. Whatever, jerk)! Hello Human Beings! I may not be Dean Pelton, but I have come to cherish Community much in the same way that the Dean of Greendale Community College has, upholding Winger, Troy, Abed, Annie,… Continue reading AJ’s TV Tidbits: Community

More on Meyers

This post is an addendum to podcast Episode 19. Maternal Meyers. As if we didn't blab enough in the podcast, but in case you would like to know more about Meyers... When I think about Nancy Meyers, I think about her sizzling characters.  I think about her particularity. Her strong will. I think about her huge… Continue reading More on Meyers