AJ’s TV Tidbits: Community

This a series where I, @aj_thetarsier (aka Andrea Millard), go on lengthy rants about TV. Enjoy (or don't enjoy. Whatever, jerk)! Hello Human Beings! I may not be Dean Pelton, but I have come to cherish Community much in the same way that the Dean of Greendale Community College has, upholding Winger, Troy, Abed, Annie,… Continue reading AJ’s TV Tidbits: Community

The Mastery Behind Master of None

Watching an episode of the television series Master of None on Netflix is like watching visual poetry. Like a poem, each episode of Master of None focuses on a central idea, utilizing the formal tools of film-making like aspect ratio and editing to communicate just as poetry uses meter and rhyme scheme. Even though there… Continue reading The Mastery Behind Master of None

More on Meyers

This post is an addendum to podcast Episode 19. Maternal Meyers. As if we didn't blab enough in the podcast, but in case you would like to know more about Meyers... When I think about Nancy Meyers, I think about her sizzling characters.  I think about her particularity. Her strong will. I think about her huge… Continue reading More on Meyers