Ep 152. WESTERNS 101: Modern West

To wrap up our Westerns 101 series, Alex and Jonathan take a look at the current state of the western genre through Rango (2011), Slow West (2015), and Hell or High Water (2016). We talk about ways to take the tropes of an established genre and exaggerate them for comedic effect, how to take the setting of the west and present a story with modern sensibilities, and how the themes of the classic west can be transposed on the modern day.

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Skip to: Rango (11:40), Slow West (35:00), Hell or High Water (51:03), Overall (1:11:52), Coming Attractions (1:25:14)

Resources referenced in this episode:

Coming Attractions – Pinocchio

We’ll be taking a break in June to get ready for a new series on fairy tale films starting in July!

Intro/outro music:
Ash by Mike Braudrick


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