Season 5 Updates

Hey fellow Filmlings,

We’ve got lot’s going on this year and a few changes to the structure of the podcast that we wanted to make everyone aware of.

One of our goals with these changes is to give more time for the study and research that goes into each episode and to do that we’ll be extending our release schedule to once a month with new episodes being posted on the first Wednesday of every month starting March 3, 2021. But with that extended time for research, we’ll also be expanding the number of films covered in each episode from three to four, and we’ll be posting extended watching lists that relate to our featured films but won’t be specifically covered on the podcast. This will help us to get and even broader grasp on our topics and continue our mission of exploring the world of cinema as an interconnected whole.

23 (507)

The second goal of this season is to make the research and prep that goes into each episode more of a community experience, which is why we’re happy to announce that for Season 5 of the podcast we’ll be making the Filmlings Discord server public! And not only that, but we’ll be using the Discord for the last big announcement…


That’s right, we’ll be doing a weekly movie night every Thursday with our Filmlings community and chatting it up in Discord. We’ll be primarily using Teleparty — which supports stream syncing on Netflix, Amazom Prime, HBO, HULU, and Disney+ — but also just some good ol’ fashion watch synchronization when necessary.

Image result for interstellar watch gif

The Movie Night films will mainly be those we will already be watching for the podcast, or those on the extended watching list for the month. Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation and get ready for the podcast recording at the end of the month with us!

We’re super excited to continue our exploration of film and hopefully include more of our listeners in the journey and the thinking. Stay tuned for updates of what we’ll be covering in the next few weeks!

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