Episode 116. …Ozu

Our Patrons voted on which of the directors we touched on in our Season 1 World Tour we should do a deep dive on and the winner was the essential Japanese director Yasujirô Ozu. We look at his films Late Spring (1949), Floating Weeds (1959), and An Autumn Afternoon (1962). We talk about the common themes across Ozu’s films, his use of poetic and transcendental filmmaking style, and Ozu’s cinematic legacy that continues to this day.

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Skip to: Late Spring (12:00), Floating Weeds (39:27), An Autumn Afternoon (1:00:28), Overall (1:15:00), Coming Attractions (1:27:54)

Resources referenced in this episode:

Coming Attractions – Individual Sports

Intro/outro music by Mike Braudrick

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