Episode 105. WWII: Reflection

As the WWII series comes to a close Alex and Jonathan take a very somber look at three documentaries looking back on the war — specifically in the areas of the Holocaust and the atomic bombing of Japan — in Night and Fog (1956), Shoah (1985), and White Light/Black Rain (2007). We discuss the different forms of storytelling voice across these films, the timely nature of their creation, and the importance of films of this nature existing at all after world-shaking events of any kind.

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Skip to: Night and Fog (05:13), Shoah (18:50), White Light/Black Rain (46:16), Overall (1:03:33), Coming Attractions (1:11:02)

Resources referenced in this episode:

Coming Attractions – Patron Poll Selection: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Films

Intro/outro music by Mike Braudrick

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