Support the Show!

Hello fellow filmlings!

We hope you have been enjoying the podcast! If you do enjoy it, then we have a couple ways that you can drop a coin in our proverbial hats and help keep the show alive and growing!

Become a Patron

For those unfamiliar with these support platforms here’s a quick run down:

Ko-fi is the digitial equivalent of a tip jar. You can donate any amount of $3 “coffees” that you would like as a one-time donation. (Trust us, coffee seriously keeps this show going.)

Patreon is a way to “subscribe” to the show like you would subscribe to Netflix or a magazine except it offers several pricing options so you can find one that fits your budget. Each pricing option comes with different ways that you can get more out of your experience with The Filmlings’ content. Here’s what you will have access to at each subscription level:

  • For $1/month – Access to the listener selection polls
  • $2/mo – Access to an archive of Alex and Jonathan’s notes used to prepare for the podcast recordings
  • $5/mo – Access to a bonus podcast which will be posted on weeks that a regular Filmlings episode is not released
  • $10/mo – Monthly commentary tracks by one or both of the Filmlings

Any tier you subscribe to will include the benefits of that tier and all the tiers prior to it. Patreon is also where we may post exclusive community-interest content such as live videos, Q&As, or getting feedback on new types of content.

The funds that we raise through these platforms will be used to cover the expenses of the show such as hosting on Soundcloud and WordPress as well as movie rentals. Anything above and beyond that will be put towards things like enhancing the technical quality of the show, providing merchandise, and maintaining the financial viability of the time put into researching, recording, and releasing each episode.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has already donated to the show and also to all of our listeners who continue to join us in thinking about what makes great films great. Whether you subscribe or not, stay tuned for a great year of content in 2019!

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