A Christmas Gift from The Filmlings and Announcements

While the podcast is still on break we have been working on an audiobook of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol which we are now excited to give as a gift to our listeners! The book features Alex and Jonathan along with a selection of guests who have been featured on the podcast before. You can download the audiobook here.

As we get ready for Season 3 of the podcast to kick off in January we have also started up a Patreon and a Ko-Fi account for our listeners to support us and help keep the podcast going. In return for your support on Patreon we will have various ways you can become more involved in our exploration of effective film rhetoric. Here’s a summary of the perks we’ll be starting out with:

  • For $1/month – Access to the listener selection polls
  • $2/mo – Access to Alex and Jonathan’s notes archive, used to prepare for the podcast recordings
  • $5/mo – Access to a bonus podcast which will be posted on weeks that a regular Filmlings episode is not released
  • $10/mo – Monthly commentary tracks by one or both of the Filmlings

We’re excited to continue our exploration of filmmaking in 2019 and are extremely grateful for the support of our listeners, financial or otherwise.

Our next episode will be released on January 8th, 2019 and we’ll be starting a series of episodes about epic movie series with a dive in to the James Bond films. See you then!

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