Episode 75. A Charles Carol

As the holidays approach and the second season of The Filmlings Podcast comes to an end, Alex and Jonathan take a look at three different adaptations of Charles Dickens’ classic story in A Christmas Carol (1951), Scrooged (1988), and A Christmas Carol (2009). We discuss adaptations driven by performance, shock value, and graphics appeals, why each of us love different versions of the story, and what makes the story so timeless.

We also give big announcements about season 3 of The Filmlings at the end of the episode!

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Skip to: A Christmas Carol (1951) (09:37), Scrooged (26:30), A Christmas Carol (2009) (39:52), Overall (1:04:05), Coming Attractions (1:12:10), Announcements (1:16:18)

Resources referenced in this episode:

We’ll be off for the rest of December, but in January Season 3 of the podcast will kick off with a new series of episodes about film series! First up is a selection from the James Bond franchise:

Intro/Outro Music:
Ash by Mike Braudrick

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