Episode 50. Concluding with Christmas

For the season one podcast finale, Alex and Jonathan take a look at five of the most classic and beloved Christmas films: It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), A Christmas Story (1983), Die Hard (1944), The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992), and Elf (2003). We talk about what makes a Christmas movie, how Christmas movies portray and become traditions, and what makes Christmas movies unique among cinema in general.

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Skip to: It’s a Wonderful Life (5:31), A Christmas Story (17:49), Die Hard (28:00), The Muppet Christmas Carol (42:06), Elf (54:36), Overall (1:11:52), Coming Attractions (1:16:36)

Resources referenced in this episode:

That’s all for this season! Stay tuned here on the blog or on our Twitter account for updates and what we’ll be watching in 2018.

Intro/Outro Music:
Ash by Mike Braudrick

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