Welcome to Articles

Hello fellow Filmlings! We have something new for you.

Those of you who have been following us from the beginning have probably noticed that we are slowly but surely expanding our ambitions. We started on my personal blog just to try this whole podcasting thing out, then we made a Twitter account to reach a wider audience once we felt confident we could keep up with the pace we set for ourselves, and eventually we moved the podcast to a dedicated site, this one.

The motive for this last change was to start to build more of a community and provide more content in a written format between podcast episodes. Alex and I both have ideas for some recurring written pieces and we will be featuring articles from guest contributors as well. These posts will cover topics beyond the movies we talk about on the podcast and will also include thoughts about television, short films, and in all likelihood even online entertainment in its various manifestations.

While Alex and I are still working on our written content, our most recent podcast guest, Andrea Millard, has some extra thoughts about Nancy Meyers that weren’t discussed in our conversation with her this week. She has compiled these comments into a post which we will be releasing tomorrow as our first official Filmlings article. So stay tuned for that!

But what does that mean for you, dear listener/reader? Mostly more film info, but also opportunities for interaction and discussion! We love sending out our voices into the internet-ether every week, but we want to hear yours as well, so feel free to comment on blog posts or respond to us on Twitter to start up conversations.

We are very excited to finally dive into this next stage of The Filmlings project and we hope it will help us further explore all of those elements that so enchant us with the strange and wonderful art of moving pictures.

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